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直线导轨发展行情 你知道吗?

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Linear guideway is something that everyone who is engaged in industry is familiar with. Although this standard part is very common, it will not promote the development of modern industry without it. This object is also regarded as the leader of the new era. Although it has various uses, do you know how it developed? Let's take a look at it today.
1、 Origin of development
自从1990年以来, 人们对于环境保护的意识是日益增长,国家更是倡导了“既要绿水青山,也要金山银山”的理念,所以工业产品也看是朝着环保化的目的进行研究。在直线传动产品中, 当然也必须要符合环保的要求, 从1990到1999,全球三大工业机展中,所有产品均已向高速、高精度、複杂化与环保化的方向进步。该怎么在直线导轨中引入环保化的概念,是极为重要的事情
Since 1990, people's awareness of environmental protection has been growing, and the state has advocated the concept of "both green water and green mountains, as well as gold and silver mountains". Therefore, industrial products are also studied for the purpose of environmental protection. In linear drive products, of course, they must also meet the requirements of environmental protection. From 1990 to 1999, all products in the world's three major industrial machinery exhibitions have made progress in the direction of high speed, high precision, complexity and environmental protection. How to introduce the concept of environmental protection into the linear guide is a very important thing

2、 Structural fabrication
直线导轨由两大部分组成,滑轨和滑块。它们的主要原料是铬钼合金钢, 滑轨是由冷抽成形, 而滑块是由铸造而成, 经过一系列的处理后, 硬度可以达到HRC58-60度, 然后再过精细的加工处理才可以达到高精度的成品。滑块主要是由金属本体制成,塑胶的部分是用来起到缓冲和防尘的作用。
The linear guide consists of two parts: slide rail and slide block. Their main raw material is chromium molybdenum alloy steel. The slide rail is formed by cold drawing, while the sliding block is made by casting. After a series of treatment, the hardness can reach hrc58-60 degrees. Then, after fine processing, the high-precision products can be achieved. The slide block is mainly made of metal body, and the plastic part is used to cushion and prevent dust.
The above is the development history of linear guideway. After the birth of linear guideway, there are still new applications in the world. In the field of linear transmission, or particularly popular products, in the use of methods and structure, I believe that we have a simple understanding.