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1、 Keep the guide rail and its surrounding environment clean, even if the invisible smile dust enters the guide rail, it will also increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rail.
2、 The guide rail should be carefully used and installed. It is not allowed to punch strongly, hit the guide rail directly with hammer, and transfer pressure through rolling element.
3、 Proper and accurate installation tools shall be used for guide rail, special tools shall be used as far as possible, and cloth and staple fiber shall be avoided as much as possible.
4、 To prevent the corrosion of the guide rail, when directly taking the upper silver guide rail by hand, it is necessary to fully wash off the sweat on the hand and coat it with high-quality mineral oil before operation. Pay special attention to rust prevention in rainy season and summer. Because the guide is a precision part
因而在使用时要求有相当地慎重态度,即变是使用了高性能的上银导轨,如果使用不当,也不能达到预期的性能效果,而且容易使导轨损坏。 不过,在某种特殊的操作条件下,导轨可以获得较长于传统计算的寿命,特别是在轻负荷的情况下。这些特殊的操作条件就是,当滚动面(轨道及滚动件)被一润滑油膜有效地分隔及限制污染物所可能导致的表面破坏。事实上,在理想的条件下,所谓**导轨寿命是可能的。
Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in use, that is to say, the high-performance silver guide rail is used. If it is not used properly, the expected performance effect can not be achieved, and the guide rail is easy to be damaged. However, under some special operating conditions, the guideway can obtain a longer life than the traditional calculation, especially in the case of light load. These special operating conditions are the surface damage that may occur when the rolling surface (track and rolling element) is effectively separated and limited by a lubricating oil film. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called * * guideway life is possible.
Lubrication and maintenance: grease lubrication has the sealing mode of filling grease in the sealed guide rail in advance, and filling and supplying grease mode of filling with proper amount of grease inside the shell and replenishing or replacing at intervals. In addition, for the machinery with multiple guide rails to be lubricated, centralized grease supply mode with pipes connected to each lubricating place is also adopted. Grease lubrication can be achieved after filling the grease for a long time without replenishment, and the structure of its sealing device is simple, so it is widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple. Regular lubrication can greatly improve the service life of the guide rail