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Due to the friction of THK linear guide in rolling mode, reducing these gaps is an important index to improve the accuracy. The following are the main purchase points introduced to you by THK linear guide manufacturer:
The traditional linear guideway inevitably leads to the poor motion accuracy of the platform due to the greasy backflow effect, and the lubrication of the contact surface of the moving track is caused by insufficient lubrication during the movement, which seriously affects the accuracy. The wear of the rolling guide is very small, so the machine can maintain the accuracy for a long time.
Advantages of Japanese THK linear guideway:

It is suitable for high-speed movement and greatly reduces the driving horsepower required by the machine. Due to the movement of the linear guide, the friction force is very small, so the bed can be operated with less power, especially when the bed is working in the normal round-trip operation. It can significantly reduce the power loss of the machine. And because the heat generated by friction is very small, it can be used in the high-speed operation of bottle blowing machine.
It can bear the load of up, down, left and right at the same time. Because the linear guide adopts special beam structure design, it can bear the load of up, down, left and right directions at the same time. Different from the linear guideway, the lateral load that can be borne in the direction parallel to the contact surface is very light, which is easy to cause the machine. The operation accuracy is poor. Japanese THK linear guide reminder: the contact surface of the guide rail is straight, if not provided with enough lubricant, it will cause some damage.