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Linear guide rail and circular guide rail are very important mechanical parts around us. Do you know the difference between them? Let's learn about it today!
This is mainly different from the appearance. The circular rail is circular in appearance, and the linear guide rail is also called square rail, which is cuboid in appearance.
1. Linear guideway is characterized by high positioning accuracy and good reproducibility. The rolling motion mode of linear guide has small friction coefficient, and the difference between static friction and dynamic friction force is very small. Even when feeding, there will be no idling and slipping phenomenon. The analytical ability and reproducibility are good. Therefore, it can realize the determination of μ m level of rolling friction force of linear guide for woodworking engraving machine to maintain precision for a long time Bit accuracy. Low friction resistance. It is easy to lubricate and can be reduced to 1 / 20 ~ 1 / 40 of the friction resistance of the sliding guide rail, and the lubrication structure is simple. The wear of the friction contact surface is reduced to the bottom and the sliding effect is excellent. Therefore, the walking accuracy can be maintained for a long time.
2. Considering the friction and load bearing capacity, the square gauge is a square linear guide rail, which has large friction force and uniform load, and needs to be lubricated frequently. However, the circular guide rail is a cylindrical linear guide rail with small friction. Due to the point contact of a series of ball bearings, the supporting place is limited, the rigidity is poor, the load performance is limited, and the radial load bearing capacity is good The bearing capacity is relatively small. And it's a little square high-speed track.
These are the differences between linear guide rail and circular guide rail. Is it easy to distinguish them? I believe you have learned! For more questions, please visit the company's website: http://kirkvgen.com There will be online customer service for you to answer!