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In order to ensure the working accuracy of the ball screw, the reliable installation mode and mode of the ball screw pair on the master machine must be increased.
One of the reasons is that the straightness caused by the natural sagging of the ball screw itself can not affect the machine tool activities. The straightness of the lead screw is very important for either the screw rotation type or the nut rotation type screw. The poor installation accuracy will lead to a series of problems on the operation and life of the screw. In order to deal with this kind of problem, we usually choose the pre stretching or auxiliary maintenance mode for the lead screw.
Guide screw
滚珠丝杠副是数控机床的部件。近几年跟着数控机床的迅速发展,对进给体系提出了更高的要求。当今,数控机床制造技艺正在向着高精度、高可靠性、高速度、数字化及智能化目标发展。滚珠丝杠副运行是否稳定, 取决于滚珠丝杠副冲突力矩的变动量。冲突力矩的振动直接影响驱动体系的稳定性, 越发是在高速驱动时对噪声、温升、定位精度等影响更加凸出。而且冲突力矩影响丝杠的定位精度,研讨滚珠丝杠副冲突力矩对丝杠的传动功能拥有现实意义。
Ball screw pair is the key part of CNC machine tool. In recent years, with the rapid development of CNC machine tools, higher requirements are put forward for the feed system. Nowadays, the manufacturing technology of CNC machine tools is developing towards the goal of high precision, high reliability, high speed, digitalization and intellectualization. Whether the ball screw pair is stable or not depends on the variation of the collision torque of the ball screw pair. The vibration of the conflict torque directly affects the stability of the drive system, and the impact on the noise, temperature rise, positioning accuracy and so on is more prominent in high-speed driving. Moreover, the conflict torque affects the positioning accuracy of the ball screw, so it is of practical significance to study the collision torque of the ball screw pair for the transmission function of the screw.
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