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  Prevention of Rust in Linear Guide Assembly减少生锈
  Reduce rust
  When you take the straight-line guide directly by hand, you should wash the sweat from your hands and apply excellent mineral oil before operating. In dry season and summer, you should pay special attention to rust prevention.
  Clean environment
  Slag entering the working environment of linear guide rails will also increase the wear, vibration and noise of the guide rails.
  Assemble carefully
  直线导轨在运用装置时要认真仔细,不允许强力冲压,不允许用锤直接敲击导轨,不允许经过翻滚体传递压力。 直线导轨运用适宜、精确的装置东西尽量使用专用工具。
  Linear guideways should be carefully used in the operation of the device, forceful stamping is not allowed, hammer is not allowed to directly hit the guideway, and pressure is not allowed to pass through the roll body. Linear guides should be equipped with appropriate and accurate devices and special tools should be used as far as possible.
  Dust-proof design of linear guide
  Dust-proof is a key measure for linear guide to obtain good machining accuracy and maintain its performance characteristics. For such components with high precision requirements, any dust and impurities are not good. It will destroy the whole linear motion system and shorten the service life. So, how to do a good job in the dust prevention of linear guide?
  Firstly, the use of seals is indispensable to the linear guideway system, because it has many cracks which are easy to let dust and impurities drill holes, so in order to make the whole system to achieve a sealed state, it is necessary to use sealing gaskets to plug these cracks. But for the use of sealing gaskets, there are some fastidious, it is not ordinary material can, on the contrary, used to make linear guide sealing gaskets material must be professional rubber material, and then made into a clean ring. The greatest advantage of rubber gasket is that it has very strong toughness and high elastic coefficient. Although its production cost is much higher than that of ordinary plastic gasket, it can be used as gasket without leaving half a gap.
  Secondly, the use of dust-proof cover also has a good effect on dust-proof. The dust-proof cover used now has two kinds of special for bad environment and ordinary working environment. The dustproof cover used in harsh environment is very flexible, it can be flexible freely, so that it can cope with different machine tool structures. There is also a professional dust preventer, which mainly prevents dust from approaching the linear guide.
  Finally, if it is necessary to provide dust-proof protection for ball screw of linear guideway, large-scale retractable dust-proof cover can also be used.