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  在直线导轨的使用过程中,有哪些因素会影响直线导轨的使用寿命呢? 影响直线导轨使用寿命的因素有很多,较主要是受外在因素的影响。

  In the use of linear guides, what factors will affect the service life of linear guides? There are many factors affecting the service life of linear guides, most of which are influenced by external factors.
  The so-called external factors refer to the installation and disassembly, maintenance, working environment and other aspects, in the installation and disassembly of linear guide, we must follow a variety of installation requirements and precautions to strictly operate. Under the working condition, most of the influence mainly comes from the wear and tear of the linear guideway, iron cutting in the process of machine adding, irregular grease adding, a large amount of dust and so on, which will cause certain damage to the linear guideway in the operation process, thus shortening the service life of the linear guideway.
  When using, pay attention to maintaining the surface of straight line guide and ball screw, regularly add grease to remove the dregs attached to the surface.
  Several Problems Needing Attention in Hot Spot Straightening of Linear Guideway
  (1) Hot spot straightening must be done after tempering, not immediately after quenching. This is because the internal stress of quenching is very large, hot spot straightening is easy to cause cracking.
  (2) Recurrent thermal calibration is not allowed in the hot spot direct calibration office. This calibration has little effect on one hand, and on the other hand, it is easy to cause cracking.
  (3) The workpiece corrected by hot spot should not be blackened because it needs pickling before blackening, and cracks often occur in hot spot after pickling and blackening.
  Linear guideway adopts whole quenching method. By utilizing the transformation superplasticity effect in martensite positive transformation process, the combination of hot pressing quenching and reverse pre-bending clip normalizing and tempering can achieve good deformation reduction effect. Completely qualified parts have been processed in batches by this method. Practice has proved that the process is stable and reliable.