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The ball screw can be lubricated to improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency. Lubricants are divided into two categories: lubricating oil and grease, lubricating oil, 90 ~ 180 turbine oil or 140 spindle oil.
Ball screw is the core component of precision instruments and large machine tools used in the automation machinery and equipment industry. It has been widely used for a century since it came into being. However, its improvement has not stopped. With the increasing of natural complexity coefficient, the corresponding maintenance difficulty coefficient has also increased.
The way to keep the screw dominant in daily life is to use matching grease or oil for injection, so as to improve the overall running speed, which is the same as injecting lubricating oil into the chain.

With the development trend of industrial automation, more and more enterprises use precision transmission equipment, which is also a major problem in maintenance. Especially on the lubricating oil and grease, the lubricating oil is usually injected into the body by a hole in the ball screw housing as a vent hole. Since the main operation of the screw rod depends on friction, the friction and loss mode of the screw rod should be paid attention to.
It is usually sealed with felt ring to ensure that there is no dirt mixed in, which will hinder the normal operation of the screw rod and improve the wear of the screw rod. If it is exposed to the outside for a long time, the casing should be used for certain protective facilities to reduce the rain erosion and external non-human factors damage.