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The noise of the ball screw is a headache to many people. Today, the small series of guide screw will introduce it to you.
Ball screw noise is caused by many factors and solutions.
1.长时间使用滚珠丝杠的表面后,钢珠的表面会脱落,或者丝杠轴的受力面也有同样的问题,影响到钢珠不能顺利通过轨道, 在螺母和轴之前引起振动和噪音。
1. After using the surface of the ball screw for a long time, the surface of the steel ball will fall off, or the stress surface of the screw shaft will have the same problem, which will affect the steel ball can not pass through the track smoothly, causing vibration and noise before the nut and shaft.
2. The fit degree is too loose. After long-term use, the nut and screw of ball screw pair will produce clearance, vibration and noise.
3,球体内的原螺母是相同尺寸的,由油封紧紧锁住,噪音比较小,磨损后更换钢球时,为了具有良好的预紧力和平稳的运转,一般选择两个 不同直径的钢球安装在一起,问题就在这里。 手动尝试非常好。 一旦将载荷施加到螺母上,就非常困难。
3. The original nut in the ball is of the same size and is tightly locked by the oil seal. The noise is relatively small. When replacing the steel ball after wear, in order to have good preload and smooth operation, two steel balls with different diameters are generally selected to be installed together. This is the problem. It's great to try manually. Once the load is applied to the nut, it is very difficult.
Guide screw
1.松开并松开螺母两端的防尘密封圈,然后在螺母注油孔中注入粘度低于ISO32的润滑油(粘度越低越好)。 清洁螺母,在有效冲程内往复几次,然后注入粘度。 ISO32〜68之间的润滑油或润滑脂往复运动数次,这是不改善噪音的第二步。
1. Loosen and loosen the dust seal ring at both ends of the nut, and then inject lubricating oil with viscosity lower than iso32 into the nut oil filling hole (the lower the viscosity, the better). Clean the nut, reciprocating several times in the effective stroke, and then inject viscosity. The lubricating oil or grease between iso32 and 68 moves back and forth several times, which is the second step without improving the noise.
2,清洁并观察螺杆滚道是否损坏,可拆卸螺母是否损坏,请首先使用供应商提供的空心套筒(如果没有小车,可使空心外径略小于螺杆直径,内径略 大于轴端外径设置在轴端,然后慢慢旋开螺母以查看螺母滚珠循环环的两端是否有损坏。如果没有,请卸下滚珠(警告:如果没有) (建议不要使用),请彻底检查螺母的内部滚道,如果没有损坏,请在安装螺母后执行第三步。
2. Clean and observe whether the screw raceway is damaged and whether the detachable nut is damaged. First, use the hollow sleeve provided by the supplier (if there is no trolley, the outer diameter of the hollow is slightly smaller than the screw diameter, the inner diameter is slightly larger than the shaft end, and the outer diameter is set at the shaft end, and then slowly loosen the nut to check whether the two ends of the nut ball circulation ring are damaged. If not, remove the ball (warning: if not) (not recommended), thoroughly inspect the inner raceway of the nut, and if there is no damage, perform the third step after installing the nut.

3.重新检测并安装滚珠丝杠与导轨之间的平行度以及丝杠的端部轴承的安装以及两端轴承端部的同心度。 用矫直机矫正螺丝。 如果噪声仍然相同,请执行第四步。
3. Re test and install the parallelism between the ball screw and the guide rail, the installation of the end bearing of the lead screw and the concentricity of the bearing ends at both ends. Correct the screws with a straightener. If the noise is still the same, perform step 4.
Guide screw
4.卸下轴承的清洁分为粗清洁和细精细清洁。 在金属容器的底部首先放置金属网,以便轴承不会直接接触容器。 粗略清洗时,如果轴承随尘土旋转,会损坏轴承的滚动表面,应予以注意。 在粗糙的清洁油中,用刷子清除油脂和粘合剂。 几乎干净后,将其洗净。
4. The cleaning of dismounted bearing is divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning. First place a metal mesh at the bottom of the metal container so that the bearings do not come into direct contact with the container. During rough cleaning, if the bearing rotates with the dust, the rolling surface of the bearing will be damaged, which should be paid attention to. In rough cleaning oil, remove grease and adhesive with a brush. After it is almost clean, wash it.
On the ball screw made a lot of sound introduced here, I hope to help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to the guide screw